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Portrait Photography in Seattle

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Let Your Light Shine

Ingrid, these are remarkable. They're absolutely the best pictures ever taken of me. I'm so pleased. My entire family is thrilled with the photos.
Alice Porter, Managing Editor at


Your photo session will be an event to remember, and the memories will be as good as the images produced. We create your portrait together because you are part of the process.

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To help you clarify your vision and aims, we will have meetings in person or by Zoom as well as by phone and email until we all feel ready for your shoot. We will remain available to answer your concerns, advise, and consult as needed throughout the process.

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We have several makeup artists who work with us. They can be here waiting when you show up at our studio for your shoot or waiting on location when you arrive.

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The shoot at our studio in Shoreline will be energizing yet relaxing. Some have likened it to an afternoon at a spa!

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After the shoot, Ingrid will carefully examine all your images and prepare the best ones as a collection. When ready, we'll meet in person with you or by Zoom for a relaxed viewing. You are also welcome to invite anyone you wish to this reveal!

heirloom black portfolio box for your matted prints.

This is also the time to consider sizes, whether you want color or black and white, groupings, or even an heirloom portfolio box to protect your prints.

Four mounted prints on wall over blue couch


We have specialized software that will show you how your images will look on a wall in different types of rooms. Groupings of several types can be as inspiring as your imagination lets them be.

Matted print of a woman


All prints will come with a high-resolution file. You decide your print size and what kind of finish to use. Prints on special media like art paper and metal are available for an extra fee. Whatever you decide, we will work together until you have them "your way."


Full Consultation, Unlimited Shots, Plenty of Time

• Packages start at six print of up to 8x10 inches for $1,200
• Special larger sizes, print media, special matting also available
• Some select size prints will be matted & ready to frame
• Includes high-resolution digital image of each Print

Personal, Beauty, Relationships, and more….


Your wishes and aspirations are unique; we're happy to help you clarify them. Feel free to call or email us. We would also be pleased to meet with you at our studio or any other suitable location.

A great way to find out more: self-schedule a Zoom meeting with Ingrid. Use this link to our calendar. You can reschedule or cancel this meeting anytime you wish.

However we meet, there is no obligation or sales pitch. We all want to be sure we are a good match for each other. Ingrid has years of experience and can provide sound advice. Together, we can get a sense of what is creatively possible.

Woman in three-quarter-pose
Warm-color-portrtait of woman behind a counter
Woman wearing loose white dress
Woman wearing orangy-pink fashion gown
Beauty portrait of woman running hands through hair
Expectant mother
Woman looking over her shoulder
Woman in lacy top turning toward camera
A Cat reclining on The Sophisticated Cat
Woman in blue wearing bangles
Black and white prtrait of woman in profile
Portrait of a woman in black and white dressed in black
Black and White proitrait of woman in black dress
Retro 1930s style portrait of a woman in profile
Portrait of woman in yelloow dress
Woman reclining, 1930s style
Woman trying on hat in black and white
Woman in blue robe with hood
Woman in dark blue dress holding a hydrangea blossom
Combined Portrait of same dancer in blue dress
Woman with red hair wearing necklace
Woman with thick dark hair
Woman looking into the camera with a little glow
Woman wearing wide-brimmed hat
Portrait of a couple wityh man wearing hat against a black background
Portrait of two sisters in color
Portrait of two sisters in black and white
girlfriends outside in front of concrete wall
Two friends sitting in front of gray backdrop
Portrait of a couple against a black background

Portraiture Q&A

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  • Is it worth spending money on personal photos for myself, friends, or family?

    "We only had time to grab our photos before we had to flee."

    When there is news of some natural disaster, like floods or fires, you often hear something like this. Of course, we can back up our images easily these days, but these kinds of statements show how valued personal photos can be. As time goes by, they only become more treasured. We've never heard anyone lament using their time and resources for high-quality personal photography for themselves, family, or friends.

    Years from now, we won't be able to travel back to get those missed shots of those we love. We can only do this now. As with much in life, it comes down to what we value.
  • How do I prepare for a photo shoot?

    Go to our special page: How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot. There are guides for everyone as well as most types of shoots. Of course, we will consult by email, phone, or in person as needed to answer any questions you may have and advise you. The most important preparation: becoming as clear as possible as to what you want the images to do.
  • How much retouching do you do?

    In professional digital photography, the final decisions on lighting, color balance, and so on, are often made after the shoot from the raw digital file in postproduction. Initially, this means adjusting the whole image file rather than retouching. We do this before we put our client's images up in an online gallery.

    After our clients choose their final images, we do more adjusting and begin the retouching process. Some of this is more specific lighting decisions, like adjusting lighting and color in one area of the image while moving in another direction elsewhere in the image. It can also involve removing distracting details like too many wrinkles on a sleeve, harmonizing and simplifying the background, and so on. We also do micro adjustment of lighting on skin, eyes, teeth, and other physical features. All of this is included in our fee for personal and professional portraits.

    Occasionally, we are asked to do advanced image manipulation like changing the color of a garment, combining images, removing or adding objects, or adding a person into a group shot. This level of work is usually extra and billed at an hourly rate.

    We want you to be fully satisfied with your images. We will work with you and not call it "done" until you are fully satisfied.
  • What is the difference between retouching and image manipulation?

    Retouching involves working only with the original image. Adjusting lighting and color balance is the first step. Later, adjustments of lighting can be applied to bring up or down attention on different areas of an image. Then there are details like adjusting the lighting and tone of teeth and eyes, fixing a distracting wrinkle on a sleeve, and so on. Transitory blemishes are usually removed. We often deemphasize (without removing) other features like wrinkles and moles when it seems justified. Of course, we always do this according to your wishes.

    Image manipulation involves actions like adding extra space on to an image to make a banner, compositing two or more images, adding or subtracting major details, even adding new people to a group shot. Our Branding packages include the creation of one web banner image by extension if desired. Otherwise, image manipulation is not included in our packages but, of course, can be done at our standard rates.
  • Can I receive my images unadjusted or unretouched?

    We do not supply unadjusted or unretouched image as we regard them as uncompleted and unfinished. We came to the conclusion years ago that we serve our clients best by only giving them images that show them at their best. It will reflect back most favorably to the client (as well as to the photographer) to have exceptional images out in public, and this is only possible when they are fully completed. We make no exceptions.
  • Can I make my own prints from the image files I receive?

    Yes, of course.

    We include a high-resolution version for use in print. For personal portraits, the images are further optimized for prints. However, there are some caveats: see below.

    If you wish to use your own printer, just remember none of them print exactly the same. Plus, the settings you use can lead to greatly varying results. Be prepared to experiment. To make things simpler, we recommend that you use fresh and original brand ink cartridges. They tend to yield the best (and more long lasting) prints. Paper is very important; use the ones your printer manufacturer recommends. Your monitor is another variable, especially if it is not calibrated, as it may not be showing you what will come out of a printer.

    If you send your images to a photo print lab, there are similar considerations. If you do use a lab or a consumer print service, find one that has a high output as they tend to be more consistent. When you find one you like, stick with them. If you use consumer print services, we recommend that you begin by turning all their optional settings off.

    When we make prints for our personal portrait clients, we tweak them a bit more, then test and adjust as many times as needed to get the best prints possible. This is because screens and paper are two different mediums and have their own demands. Except for very large sizes and special options, we now do most of our printing on our own high-end professional photo printer. These are now durable and last as long or longer than most lab prints. However, whether we use a lab or our own professional printer, we often have to make several prints to get the results we need. You may as well.

    Still, it can be an enjoyable process, and we encourage you to give it a try.

    For commercial printing such as offset, the files will usually need to be converted. Your printer or designer should know how to do that, but feel free to contact us if needed.
  • How large can my images be printed?

    In principle, any size. To go over 11 by 14 inches, we would need to do some additional work on the file to ensure the very best result. Not long ago, however, we prepared some images so they could be printed 12 feet high for an "opening soon" barricade, and they came out great: there is Ingrid standing in front of it, A 20 by 30 inches well-framed image can look amazing in your home or office. On the other hand, a collection of three smaller prints specially matted for a single frame can be equally amazing, as can individually framed prints that are grouped intentionally on your wall. We can help you decide on all of this.
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    Ingrid standing in front of the barricade image made from her photos.

  • How soon will I get my personal portraiture prints?

    We endeavor to have your prints ready for viewing in three weeks from your shoot.

    Why so long?

    We first backup your images, then begin the selection process. For personal portraiture, we start retouching your best images ahead of time. When ready, we'll find a time that works for everyone to come and see your portraits in our studio. Later, we will put up a gallery so you can have another look. This also allows friends and relatives to see how your portrait session came out: feel free to share.

    After you make your selection, we then start the print-making process, which often can take a few prints on each image until we are satisfied. When they are all ready, all standard sizes up to 11x14 are placed in Italian mats and prepared for delivery either by Priority Mail or in person. Heirloom portfolio boxes are also available to order, and we are now starting to produce photo books.

    High-resolution digital files of your prints are included.
  • How will I get my image files?

    First, you will choose your physical prints. Later, we will send you a link so that you can download high-resolutions files of all the images you chose as prints. This will also give you a backup and, if you wish, you can even make your own prints.
  • I'm having trouble downloading my files: can you help me?

    Yes, of course.

    We use the professional version of WeTransfer. (Please see the FAQ entry following this one for older downloads advice.)

    • Your files will often start downloading as soon as you click the link even if nothing seems to happen: Check your download progress.
    • You should find it at where ever files usually download to on your computer. However, please wait a while as (depending on your service and file size) the file will take a while to download: it could be a few seconds, or minutes, or much longer.
    • Be sure you have enough room for the new files.
    • Feel free to contact us if you have any problems downloading or opening your images.

    IMPORTANT: You can download your image files to some phones and tablets to save and view. However, we do not recommend this as it does not always work, takes experience, and may overwhelm your device.


    • Again, it may be taking a while and not be fully downloaded. Try waiting a while, then look for it and open later.
    • Depending on your settings, the files may not be downloading to somewhere obvious. Try searching for recent files or a keyword.
    • Please contact us if you are still having problems: we will find a way.
  • Can I have my files delivered on a CD, DVD, or a small thumb or flash drive?

    Yes, for small flash drive. We no longer ship CDs or DVDs.

  • Do I pay sales tax on my personal photography?

    In the state of Washington, if your images are for personal use, or are delivered by physical media such as flash drives or prints, yes.

  • Can I pay for my shoot, balance, or any kind of photography you do in installments?

    Yes! You should see the options when you get your invoice for us, and will be able to see the options before you commit. This is processed through Square, the same service we have used for invoicing for years. Here is their information page on this.

    * For complex shoots, you may not receive a Square invoice from us, but if you'd prefer to have the option to pay using Square, ask us for one and we'll deliver it right to your inbox.
  • Do I need to have a Square account to pay an invoice online?

  • Will I lose my deposit if I can't make my appointment?

    When you pay your deposit, we reserve a time and date for you. If you can't make it, you can simply reschedule. Of course, we appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible if you have to reschedule.
  • Will the packages on your online store change?

    The packages we offer do change in price and features periodically, but not very often.
  • Do you backup my files?

    Beginning in 2020, we backup your files for a while. Be sure and save the link we will send you to download your files: it's good for two years.

    We still encourage you to make your own backups. After two years, there is a $100 fee to retrieve old files and we offer no guaranty that this will be possible.
  • What's your best single piece of advice?

    Become as clear as you can as to what you wish your images to do. Everything else will follow.

  • Still not sure about something?


Best to meet with Ingrid first. If, however, you are already sure, you can pay online right now for any standard session. Otherwise, when you book a session, we'll send you an invoice.

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