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3 individual headshots of executives in a row: a man and 2 women
Thank you for such a lovely experience today! You are so gifted at what you do - a real gift to others - Hug of gratitude.
Melissa West, Life coach and psychotherapist
A great headshot can bring you new clients, a better job, and open doors. We see to every aspect to make sure you receive the best headshot possible.

We Take Care of You

• Ingrid will first speak with you to clarify what you wish your images to do and how best to get there.
• We'll also discuss hair, makeup, and clothes as well as answering any questions.
• Assemble all the clothes you wish, and together we’ll choose which ones work best.
• Your shoot will be done at a relaxed pace at our new studio with your own parking place. See below for other options.
• To help you decide on your final included image, Ingrid will consult with you by phone or Zoom while you view them together. Or view a gallery of your best shots on your own if you prefer.
• Retouching and image adjustments are included.
• If necessary, we can change the background to whatever you need in post production.
• Your license never expires.
• Free online backup of any image you license for two years.
Your Shoot Done Remotely
A New Wrinkle
Over the last few years, out of necessity, we have gained much experience doing shoots at a distance. Using dedicated software, we shoot from here while you stay in your home or office. You can actually be anywhere as long as you have a decent connection. We've even done headshots for people on the other coast and even Paris! It sounds impossible, but the results we get are amazing.

Call or email us for a free consultation.
Add to Your Package
As Little or as Much as You Need

• Wardrobe, hair, and makeup consultation with Ingrid in person on a day before your shoot.
• We can arrange a makeup artist for you to help you look your best.

Fees vary on some of these - Let us know what you need, and we'll give you a quote.

• You can license as many additional images, fully retouched, as you need.

Need more? Consider our Publicity or Branding Packages. Or we'll make a package just for you.
Different Styles
View Style Galleries to See What's Possible

The images in our entry headshot gallery are all in landscape mode. This is an open look with room to breath, yet can still be cropped close in any shape for your needs. We even do the cropping for you.

Corporate - Consistent style
Business Coach - Fresh and ready
Finance - Classic with an edge
Agency - Light and Agile
Clinic - Warm and welcoming
Individual - You at your best

These are just a view of the many possibilities. If you have another style in mind, we are always excited to work with new looks. If you are not sure, we can help.
For Two or Many
Save Money

Come with one more person who also needs a headshot, and you could save a lot. All shoots must be done on the same day and consecutively, but aside from that, you will get the same all-inclusive Headshot Package as noted above.

Have more than two people ready to go? The fee per person keeps going down the more shoots we do at one time. If your business becomes our client, you also get a reduced rate in general.

We can come to you and do everything at your office or outside nearby. Our studio is always an option as well, plus we can replace your background with one of your choosing if required. See also the Remote option as noted above, as this has worked well for some companies.

Contact us now and we can advise and help you set it all up.
Packages & Gift Cards
Buy Online

Purchase any package we offer in our online store. To help you decide which one is right for you, we can advise by phone, email, or in person.

You can also buy eGift Cards for yourself or anyone else through our store: use the option from the top menu. Or use this direct eGift Card link. These cards are delivered right to your inbox, and each has a unique code. Unlike a plastic card, we can restore to you if you lose track of them. They are exclusively for use for anything in our online store, and they never expire.
Find Answers
We have years of experience and can tell you what you need to consider before doing a photo shoot with us or anyone else. Quality images that stand out and connect are worth it. That is why one of our aims is to deliver images that quickly repay your investment in time and money. We make sure you are satisfied.

There is no obligation in a call or email, and there is no pressure. We can even meet online via Zoom or similar if you wish.

Meanwhile, for answers to your questions, you can try our FAQ page. We've just revamped it, making it speedily searchable. There's also now a separate Gift Card FAQ.

Lastly, no matter which photographer you finally use, it could be worthwhile to take a look at our Preparation Guides. We have them for many kinds of photo shoots.

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