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  • How do eGift Cards work?
    You purchase our eGift Cards at our online store from the menu at the top and on the right. It's a small menu link: look for "Gift card." Or, go directly to our page for these gift cards. Once ordered, you will receive them immediately by email. Each one has a unique code used online to redeem for a purchase.
  • How do I purchase an eGift Card?
    First, please go to this page for purchasing an eGift Card.

    Near the top, chose an amount you wish. For amounts not shown, click  "CUSTOM" and (just below) enter the amount you wish. Then click ENTER and you should see the amount you will actually pay.

    Next, follow the instructions and fill in the blanks as required. You will be asked to enter a debit or credit card to complete your purchase. Once done, the eGift Card will be sent to whatever email address you enter. Keep that safe. It never expires.

    Please let us know if you need help at any stage along the way.
  • Do I need to have a Square account to use them?
  • Do the cards have an expiration date?
    No. Our eGift Card never expires, but better to use them soon.
  • Can I buy an eGift Cards for someone else?
    Yes. You just fill in their name and email, and they will be delivered directly to them.
  • Once purchased, how do I use them?
    You go to our online store. They are redeemable for anything you see there. Currently, that is all of our Packages: personal and business. You use them in a similar way as paying with a credit card. Please note that you can only use them in our online store.
  • How do I order a photo package with an eGift card?
    To order a Package, go to our store and pick the one you want. At checkout, fill in the usual information for buying something online. Then click "Continue." The next page has fields for entering a credit or debit card. The field for entering an eGift card is way down at the very bottom of that page.
  • What if my eGift Card is not enough for a photo package?
    If the value of your eGift Card is less than the package you wish, you will need to fill in the credit/debit card section for the balance. If the value of your eGift Card is equal or more than the package, the eGift Card will be enough.
  • What if my eGift Card has credit left over?
    If there is any left after your purchase, that balance will remain for you to use later. If you would like to gift the remainder to someone else, we can make that happen. You can always check your balance here.
  • Can I use an eGift Card I purchased for myself for someone else?
    Yes, just let us know, and we'll handle the rest.
  • Do I pay sales tax?
    There is no sales tax on eGift Cards themselves. When purchasing, licensed business photography are sales tax-free as long as the images are used solely for business and delivered over the Internet.

    Sales tax is added to our Personal Package when you purchase that package. If you want to include the tax for personal portraits on your eGift Card, the current rate* is a 10.4% on top of the Personal Package fee.

    * As of April 1, 2024
  • Can I pay the rest of my balance in instalments?
    Yes! You should see the options* when you get your invoice for us, and will be able to see the options before you commit. This is processed through Square, the same service we have used for invoicing for years. Here is their information page on this.
  • Do you sell plastic gift cards?
    We do not sell plastic gift cards.
  • Will the Photography Packages on your online store change?
    The Packages we offer do change in price and features periodically, but not very often. If you saw like an older package that we no longer list, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Can I use gift cards for a deposit for one of the Packages in your store?
    Although we do not list that, we can accommodate you.
  • Can I use gift cards for an office-wide shoot or other kinds of photography you do?
    No. You cannot use eGift Cards for office shoots or projects that require an estimate. They can only be used with the Photography Packages we offer in our online store.
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