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Concerned about Covid, but Need a Photo?
Your Shoot Inside, Outside, or Virtually
We are now doing shoots inside at our new studio which has a whole floor to itself in our home. You'll have your own off-street parking spot, a changing room, and plenty of light. We are all fully vaccinated. We also have an open-air studio outback if you prefer with radiant heat to keep you cozy.

Over the last few years, we also have gain much experience doing shoots virtually: we shoot from here while you stay in your home or office. We remove the background and replace with what you wish.

With all these options, we can achieve just about any look you require. Call or email us today for details.


The first thing potential customers, clients, and employers see when they check you out online or in printed materials is often an image representing you. Looking confident and ready, yet approachable and honest, can make all the difference.

headshot of a woman in a dark top
headshot of a man wearing jacket with open collar
Headshot of a man against a light gray background
Headshot of a woman in a bleu jacket
Headshot of a man against a silvery background
Headshot of a woman leadership trainer
Headshot of a woman in a green scarf
Headshot of woman wearing a necklace
Headshot of woman against a dark background in black and white
Headshot of a man against a dark gray background
headshot of a man wearing blue glasses
Headshot of a woman in blue top
Headshot of a man in color
Headshot of a woman in a white sweater

First Impressions Count

It is not enough that your image simply looks acceptable. Your images should be on the job night and day working for you. They should communicate what you are about and be an early indicator of your most valued qualities. If they are authentic and intentional, it conveys professionalism and integrity right at the beginning.

The Whole Package

We consult with you every step of the way and work together as co-creators. This includes helping you to arrive at the right overall style and look, clothing choices, the kinds of backgrounds and ambience that will work best for your needs and, of course, addressing any special concerns you might have. Your shoot at our Seattle studio in Ballard (where most of these headshots were done) is never rushed. Outside shots nearby are also possible. Your session with Ingrid will be enlivening and reveal you at your confident best. Later, we'll assist you in choosing the best shots from your online gallery. We'll retouch and burnish your final images until they shine and you are satisfied. All of this and more is included.

Headshots for Your Office

Even for even a small business, a consistent look for your team in alignment with your brand is essential. The fees come down quickly when you have more than one person to shoot. We can give you a competitive quote on whatever you need. We can come to your office with our mobile setup or do the shoot in our Seattle studio in Ballard. We can come up with a fresh new look if you wish, or match your present style now and in the future. Whatever your needs, we are happy to help you move forward. Contact us to find out more.

Different Looks for Company, Team, and Office

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