Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography


Bucky heart pillow with model
Bucky heartWarmer packaging
Young woman model in bed with Bucky sleap mask
Bucky yoga mat
young woman model with Bucky yoga mat
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Bicycle basket full of flowers, bread, and wine
Dutch bike with large carrier bin up front
Prince Lionheart Coaster bike for child
Potrisers, large rubber blocks
Large Potrisers in package
Orange-yellow chairs, backlit
Pale cool pink light dress
Setup for shot of shea foot butter with cocnut, lemon half, shea nuts
Shea butter squeeze contaner with leaf and shea nuts on white shinny table, white background
Decorative weavings and tassels
Decorative elaborate pillow


If you have a product that you are presenting to the world, the images you use need to show us clearly and effectively why we might want what they represent to be part of our lives. Every aspect of a commercial image needs to tell a story. This story needs to illuminate the qualities that we will find of value and worth the devotion of our precious resources. The images you use are integral to this story. As they will be on the job every minute of the day working to make us your customer or client, they can never be too good. Finding the right way and style to tell your story is essential. You do not want to leave this to chance.


We will work with your art director to help you arrive at the right approach and style before we shoot a single frame. If you are on your own, we can fill that role ourselves or help you find the people you need from our contacts.


High-quality images of your services and products are early indicators to your clients and customers that you stand behind what you offer. We'll stand with you by remaining available to your project until it is complete. Contact us to find out more.

Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography

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