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You've become clear about who you are and what you represent. Or, maybe you're just beginning that process, or somewhere in between. How you chose to present yourself can be honest and intentional.

Personal branding portrait of a woman in light blue outside leaning on concrete post
Personal branding portrait of a woman outside sitting  on chair
Personal branding portrait of a woman outside, tall grass
Feldenkrais teacher with student
Feldenkrais teacher with student, hands
Feldenkrais teacher with three students
Personal branding portrait of woman sitting at a table
Personal branding portrait of a man in lobby
Personal branding portrait woman and dog, pet care
Personal branding portrait woman and dog, pet care

First Impressions

Potential clients, employers, and partners often get their first look at you from an image online or in print. Great images will inspire confidence that you are the right person for their needs. Great images begin the process of letting them know something of your key qualities before they read a word or meet you in person.

Everything You Need

Our Branding Package goes a few steps further than our Publicity Portfolio. We allow all day for your shoot, including consulting, conferring, and adapting on the fly. A makeup artist is included in the fee. All of this means you will have as many options in how you present yourself, your work, and your projects as you wish. Twelve fully retouched images are also included, of course. If you need more, you'll get a great rate.

Depth and Commitment

We also go even deeper into planning and preparation, taking into account how the images will be used now and even in the future when we shoot. We are experienced in working with designers and art directors as well and enjoy working as a team. We'll stay with you on your voyage, and will continue to adjust and develop the images until they accurately and clearly reflect your brand. Contact us to find out more.

Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography

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