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After you see the prints, you purchase only the ones you want
Image files included

One Package that can take many forms. One Fee for whatever you wish:

…Individual, Senior, Engagement, Couples, Family, Relationships, Glamour, Dating, and more…


Whether in our Seattle photography studio, outside nearby, or on location, your photo session will be an event to remember, and the memories will be as good as the images produced. We know many people do not enjoy having their photo taken, which is why we do not take your photo. We create your portrait, and you are part of the creative process. Most of our clients find the whole experience surprisingly enjoyable and even therapeutic. Having your session relaxed and inspiring for you, your family, or your friends will reflect in the images that emerge out of the session. Everything that needs to be cared for will be cared for because that is what yields the best results. When you feel good, you look great.
Ingrid, these are remarkable. They're absolutely the best pictures ever taken of me. I'm so pleased. My entire family is thrilled with the photos.
Alice Porter, Managing Editor at
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The categories listed above are just some of the possibilities. Your unique needs will be first and foremost. The kind of shoot you want, and what kind of images you wish to come out of it, will determine how we need to prepare. To help you clarify your vision and aims, we will have at least one in-person meeting as well as phone and email consultations until we all feel ready for your shoot. We will remain available to answer your concerns, advise, and consult as needed throughout the process.

We are also available for a clothes consultation at your house if you wish at no extra charge. If you want to do the shoot at a location other than our studio in Ballard, we can look at that and see how to make it work.

The shoot itself will be energizing yet relaxing. Some have likened it to an afternoon at a spa, others have felt a clear therapeutic benefit. We'll have a professional makeup and hair artist on the set to get you ready. We'll go through your clothes and find what works best and try different combinations.
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They'll still be plenty of actual shoot time, at least two hours, and more if you are up for it. We'll have snacks and drinks to see us through.
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Later, we'll go through all your images and select and print the best ones. When they are ready, you will be able to have a relaxed viewing by way of our studio reveal wall. Bring whoever you want. Champagne and beverages provided.You will be given plenty of time to make your selection.
This is also the time to consider how you might display the prints. We have special software that shows you how the framed images, singularly or in matted groupings can look on various kinds of ways. You can think about sizes, whether you want color, black and white, luster or canvas, or even an heirloom portfolio box to protect your prints that will become a treasure for generations to come. We also have samples of frames you can order. Of course, you can do all this yourself if you prefer.
heirloom black portfolio box for matted prints.

You purchase only the prints you wish, and all come matted, ready to display. This way, you only get what you truly want. It is completely up to you. Plus, you will receive high resolution image files of every print you order.

We do it this way as we feel it serves our clients the best, yet it works well for us too.

On the day of the viewing, you can immediately take home your choice of 8x10 matted images. If you wish other sizes and treatments, or multiple copies of the same print, we will later create whatever you need. To make sure they arrive safely, all will be hand-delivered when they are ready at no extra charge.

All of our prints come mounted in a protective mat ready for display. An 8x10 is $80 and, if necessary, this also includes postage and handling anywhere in the US. Additional copies of the same print, also matted, are $50 when ordered at the same time.
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You will also receive the retouched high resolution files of all the images you chose at no extra charge. This allows you to store them safely, make multiple backups, and have your portraits available for you, your family, and anyone you wish for years to come. You can also incorporate them into videos and other projects. And, yes, you can even make your own prints.

If you wish to proceed now, you can use the Pay button below to complete your transaction online.
I'm ready, and I'm paying the entire amount now. Please let me know what I need to know and do next so we can continue the process.
Or, just send a check to:

Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography
PO Box 77624
Seattle, WA 98177

Then we will begin the "Preparation" process as noted above.

Still not sure?

Feel free to ask us anything.

It might also help to ask yourself what you wish your images will do for you, for those close to you, and for anyone else you might be considering. This should make it easier to determine whether having professionally created images as prints and files is worthwhile for you now. We say, "now," because no one can ever go back years or even minutes to create images from a moment that has past. When you become as clear as you can as to why these pictures would be important to you, everything else will start to fall into place and make sense. If you would like help with that, we are happy to assist you.

Your needs are unique and not everything can be covered in the descriptions here. Feel free to call or email us. We are also happy to meet with you in person at our studio, your home, where you work, or any other good place.

. . .

Meanwhile, if you have more questions but are not yet ready to contact us, try our FAQ page. Or, perhaps more to the point, view our galleries, as Ingrid's work speaks for itself.

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