Headshot Styles…

A consistent style for your images not only looks much better, it adds credibility to your company's site and business materials as well. First impressions do count, and faces are what draws attention. Yet, the style of the images needs to match your message.

Whether on location or in our Seattle studio in Ballard, Ingrid can support your brand with professional business headshots that match the style you have already established. Or, if you are starting fresh, she can help you arrive at the right look. Check the galleries below for a few examples of styles that convey the essential qualities of a brand, then contact us for a quote.
Shows professional corporate headshot samples, landscape mode, interior ambient background


Shows professional business headshot samples, casual, landscape, light ambient background


Shows a professional business headshot of sample, formal, wearing suits, interior office ambient background


Shows professional business headshots samples, semi-formal, light interior ambience


Shows formal professional business headshots of phyicians , interior warm ambient, portrait mode


shows variety of individual headshots


I would highly recommend Ingrid for your business or personal photos—she has a unique ability to help you relax, look like your best self, and capture it on camera! I love her work and that whenever I see these images, it really feels like me!
Libby Wagner, President, Libby Wagner & Associates, Seattle
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